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Laminating Machine Operator

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Date Posted:
15 May 2018
£18,962 to £21,070 Per Hour
Industrial & Manufacturing
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Job Description

To carry out all quality inspections and administration in line with customer specifications
and standards.
To maintain daily production statistics.
To maintain equipment to a high level through good housekeeping practices.
To liaise with the Shift Supervisor in order to maximise production efficiency whilst maintaining customer delivery dates.
To enforce and adhere to all company policies and procedures.
To liaise with Production Supervisor so that engineering breakdowns are reported and fixed quickly
Considering priorities at all times.
To set and maintain high standards of Hygiene and Housekeeping at all times.
To challenge machine low run hours, speeds, waste levels, set ups, etc.
To ensure all machines have enough material in order to maximise machine uptime.
To ensure all completed reels are banded and wrapped prior to transportation to the warehouse.
To carry out the required glue weight checks.
To ensure that all rollers are stored correctly and in a safe manner.
To ensure all completed reels are stored correctly in the racking provided.
To carry out basic maintenance to the machine. i.e., lubrication, clean downs, etc.
To cut and prepare reel cores ready for laminating operation.


The jobholder may be required at any time to perform any reasonable task outside the general provision of this job description in the pursuance of good company practice or need.
At certain times the company may require the individual to work a reasonable amount of overtime to satisfy customer requirements.
It is envisaged that no role ever remains the same so therefore the individual may be required to undergo further training & development.
There may be a requirement to cover fellow colleagues during their breaks as long as there are no Health & Safety issues.
When the Laminator is not planned to run then you will be expected to help in another area as requested by your Shift Supervisor, within reason and within your training remit.
For total flexibility training on the slitter, to cover for absence, holidays and at periods of heavy workload will be required.
Previous experience is essential for this role